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What are these Events

This is the events page where you'll find different events organized by our community. These are mostly organized by members of our discord server. Below you'll find a list of current ongoing events and events that'll be held in the future.

Current events:

1. Anime poll

2. Operation Chroma ( Minecraft PvP Tournament)

Events for the future:

1. Osu! Team vs Team Event

Anime poll

Anime Polls, we've all seen them and they're really fun because you can vote for your favorite anime and hope for it to win. With that in mind we have organized an anime poll for our own Isekaism community. This is our first ever poll and if you also wanna vote please consider joining our Discord Server.

Operation Chroma

(Minecraft PvP Tournament)

Operation Chroma, our first ever Isekaism MC 1v1 tournament is commencing on July 31st!

The tournament participants are chosen from our discord server.