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You get it? Truck+Temple???


Fundamentally, our goal for this religion is to create a community faithful to our escapist Isekai fantasies. As such, this is not a religion defined by our own tastes, because we want this to be for everyone. There is no judgement or offense from anyone towards anyone for any reason. We deeply value equality, regardless of your status online or offline. For Truck's sake, we'll even love it if you believe in another religion and just want to have a friendly chat.

So far we have succeeded in creating a model in which everyone can be free to worship any God/Husbando or Goddess/Waifu they prefer.

Life is hard, rapidly evolving, and filled with suffering. It obviously doesn't go smoothly for anyone really. It'd be really easy to see why we have escapist fantasies.

Self-isekai'ing is bad, and so before truck-kun liberates our souls, we need to find freedom and fulfillment ourselves through one another.

And so in an effort to help make this life more worth living, we value pragmatism in seeing things for what they are instead of what we want them to be, compassion for ourselves and others, peace and fulfillment through effort, memes, and nekos.

Both our current and next lives are only going to be as good as we want them to be. So just enjoy the party and make life as easy as possible for everyone while you're at it.

TLDR: we just want to build a complete belief system for everyone, and we're gonna need help


A lot of this might seem absurd or hard to process.

If you Google "The Boltzmann Brain", you'd wind up with "The Boltzmann brain argument suggests that it is more likely for a single brain to spontaneously and briefly form in a void than it is for our universe to have come about in the way modern science thinks it actually did".

It makes sense. Put simply, entropy is just the process by which the universe moves towards chaos, with a smaller and smaller chance of getting work done. And so over time the stars will die out until eventually nothing energetic happens. It'll be an inert heat death.

But if you think about it, following the death of a universe, we get an infinite amount of time (that'll feel like an instant because unconsciousness blah blah). So as long as the chances aren't 0, then the possibility of entropy working backwards still exists, because an infinitely small chance is still huge in the face of forever.

Now, that means it's statistically likely for a universe to reform, or really anything to happen. We could see the afterlife as pitch-black nothingness, or as part of one big brain, or we could see it as a reincarnation of our ourselves in another universe, all of which are equally likely.

Everything is on such a grand and inconceivable scale, anything and everything is possible. So if it makes life in the present brighter and more interesting, we choose the route where we worship truck-kun and some waifus.

And you can choose too!


Our core belief is that upon death, each individual is reincarnated, or "isekai'd" into isekai (which means "another world"). Yeah we know, kinda a mouthful.

Here's a belief system that doesn't force anyone to worship a select few deities.

It's the "Holy Sects of X"

We believe in Truck-Kun and the Holy X (or just a Being X per se). 

Basically all you have to do is identify for yourself who the X is by choosing who you want to worship. It could be a husbando, waifu, or popularly-perceived-to-be inanimate object (although these are often the same thing). BAM! You just created a sect. Now if you choose to do so, you can advertise and get people on board with your beliefs.

We just have these guidelines:

  1. The one and only supreme being is Truck-sama.

  2. The Holy Church is devoted entirely to the Holy Truck. The Holy Sects shall be individual sects created for the sole purpose of worshiping a particular deity.

  3. Favoritism, bias, and disagreement in belief is unavoidable. Therefore, thou shalt not pass judgement on those with different ideals.

  4. Salvation is passage to the new world achieved after death. Through upholding our customs and values, thou shalt obtain ideal salvation and be reborn into a new world as a new being.

  5. Discussion of life prior to your journey into isekai is impossible

As a group, we are neither fixated on death nor do we condone intentional self-harm, harming of others, murder, stuff like that.


  • The New World

  • Races

  • Power Scaling

  • Judgment System