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Chapter 1

What a fantastic week I've had! A letter to an invitational from my favorite company... My publicity stunt was a success! Now everyone knows the great Kaito Amari!

                A televised event, getting to play the game of my dreams before it releases... could the stars align more perfectly?! Of course they can! I've been chosen by the universe to be the "Star" of children! With children being the future and cementing myself as such a popular figure among them, even my post retirement life is already taken care of! A life fitting for the legendary Kaito himself I might add! Even this amazing hotel room at their courtesy... That reminds me, the room service here is terrible. I've called downstairs 3 times now in the last 5 minutes and they still haven't gotten back to me. It was to complain about the previous drink they brought me, I could tell they used tap water and anyone knows the great Kaito Amari... knows that there's nothing I despise more than water from the tap. A pebble in the road to my perfection. The event is starting shortly, I must focus on my image. The large mirror across from me takes up the entire wall, fitting for such a large star as myself. Only the greatest, most handsomes, most-... What was that? A knock? It must be showtime.


                I quickly gathered my composure and turned towards the door, I could smell this person from the other side. What kind of idiot wears such a terrible perfume? I take a deep breath and open the door, I understand the difficulty of getting good staff so I'll hold my comments for now. Showtime! With my patented Amari smile I open the door and start my usual routine. "It's a pleasure to meet you I'm-" Of course they know. However the public loves a good display of humility. Any assumption I make, any misstep could be my failure.  Perfection befitting the great Kaito Amari name! Hang on a moment, I feel as if I've seen her before...but where?

                "Of course Mr. Amari, right this way." What a cold response! I haven't been treated so poorly in ages, she should know better...but staffing is... I let out a sigh of frustration? Me? Making a mistake? Hopefully she didn't notice my disdain towards her. I follow her down the hall towards the elevator. This is really happening! All of my hardwork has finally bore fruit. I'll admit I've done some unsavory things to be here, but all's fair in war right? Survival of the fittest, that's the true Amari way. We get into the elevator and the doors shut, I reach for the main floor button and... what's this? Did she grab my hand? SOMEONE DARED TO LAY A HAND ON ME? Calm down Kaito, not now, you've got a show to put on. I smile and turn to her, "What are you doing?"

"Forgive me sir, but our CEO would like a few words with you before the show"

                My smile widens in disbelief, well not entirely disbelieving, I've been planning good relations for the last few years after all! This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Once I got that insufferable Leo out of my way, things have been smooth sailing. I mentioned unsavory right? While I have no problem doing anything for my future, I acknowledge these for the sole purpose of covering the holes in my conscience. If I knew he could come back and bite me I'd lose sleep. Fortunately I've made it so he'll never be trusted again, even his channels have been closed down due to community backlash, for things he's conveniently done! The darkness in one's path must be hidden from all, I mean me being the one to bring it to light only cements my image! Well we're finally here, the doors have opened, and it's just one room at the end of the hall! It's just like in the movies...I need to set my sights even higher.

                The door opens before me on it's own, as if it's an invitation from God himself into the higher ranks of society... I could cry at such a sight. What the...this is the ground? Did I just get shoved inside by her? She laid her hands on me again...with such force? I hear the door lock behind me. There must be a mistake, maybe she tripped? Help and all that.. yeah no there's no way this is normal. This is everything but normal. I was so focused on the perfume, her demeanor, and the event that I completely didn't look at her attire. Who in the hell is this lady? I sit up on the floor with my legs crossed facing her in front of the door. I'm not getting out of this unless I stay composed, there's got to be something I can do to escape this situation. Surely someone will come looking for me for the event right? My phone calls weren't reaching the lobby though... This paranoia will be the end of me unless I can get my head straight right now.

                I quietly stare at her hands as she reaches into her pants, that movie feeling from earlier? Yeah, I'm definitely feeling it now as she slides a gun out from under her clothing. What do I say? What do I do? The...great...Kaito Amari never moves unless under composure. I hear a door open from behind me, I wouldn't dare turn around now and give this woman my back. "I've been expecting you, the humble Kaito Amari", That voice, there's no mistaking it. It was him, Leo Yafumi. The first "mistake" of my life has come back to be my undoing. "Turn" Like I have a choice?! This situation is absurd! All's fair in love and war right?! Survival of the fittest and all that. This man's irrationality... how could I have accounted for this? I give the woman my back and turn to face Leo. I lower my face to the ground with a bow to show respect. "An act of humility ‘til the end huh? CUT THE SHIT"

                As what only I can assume to be his shoe hits my head I slid across the room in instant regret. Composure, calmness, humility... I can't use anything. No tricks, no pride, it's just me versus him right? I don't have experience in situations like this. I'm good at using crowds, acquiring information, working behind the scenes..something this straightforward I don't stand a chance. My perfection, was it not true? No, I've still got a chance, we're not alone right? That woman is the one holding the gun afterall, but it doesn't take a genius to understand who hired her. I manage to stand and stare and at her, she's my ticket out of this situation obviously! Yet her coldness towards me earlier... No I need to believe, in my own abilities, the perfection that allowed me to come this far! As I open my mouth to attempt to speak I feel a shot graze past me, yeah I'm not getting a chance here at all.

                "As if I'd let you speak another foul word. Rena, pull the trigger." Well it was a good life. I don't have any regrets. I did everything to the best of my ability. I fostered talents, relationships, communities... it was a good run. All I ask is that my legacy of perfection remains untarnished, but why stress over something I can't control. This is the end afterall. A single deafening shot, the final thing I'll hear, the - wait, I'm still alive? I immediately run over to Leo, as I watch him fall to the ground, what the hell is going on here? A single shot pierced through his temple, I swear I heard the announcer say "Headshot" in my head. Humor at a moment like this? Of course I'm bordering on insanity, there's no way to predict what'll happen next. THE GIRL. I completely forgot she existed. While I was examining Leo's body she got right behind me. Immediately I was turned around and shoved onto my back, and she's sitting on my chest?

                "You're quite the sought after man Mr. Amari, there have been quite a few who have put out a hit for you, luckily for you I happen to be quite the fan!" What a stroke of luck. Unbelievable, I can get out of this situation alive... Wait... Others have a hit out for me? I can't go hiding for the rest of my life, I'm meant for the spotlight, my perfection on display for the rest of the world! If these thoughts are returning to me I must know that I'm safe, for now...? The woman who was called "Rena" licked her lips and reached into her bra. This is definitely like in the movies! I'm so sorry I hated you earlier and accused you of being bad help. You've saved my life! That's...a grenade? Don't tell me...She's one of those..."The hit is inevitable and since I'm such a good fan, it's only fitting for your number one fan to be the last to touch you." Yeah she's completely insane. I'm speechless. This situation is beyond absurdity. She's going to kill me. She's really going to kill me. She's really going to...did she just kiss me? My first kiss moments before my death? At some point there was a click...Her quivering lips, she was scared too. It's the end of the road for Kaito Amari after all...Within a flash, everything went black.

                Wait a minute, I'm standing? I feel as if I'm standing. I was on my back just now wasn't I? Where's Rena? Leo? I'm definitely dead, there's no doubt about it. I hear the echoes of clapping, yeah there's no way I'm making that invitational tonight. Suddenly, I heard a flicker as candles lit up around me. A shadowy figure is walking towards me, have I gone to hell? The perfect life of Kaito Amari ends with suffering after such a nonsensical death? An evil laughter echoes around me as it approaches...did it just trip? That's definitely an OW I just heard.

                "Ahem, sorry for that...Welcome to your new world! I'll be the one guiding your passage, the one, the only... Demon Lorrrd... Gremory!"

                ...Is that what I sound like? Yeah this is beyond absurd. I think I'd be happier if I just stayed dead...

                                                                                                                                                ...To be continued